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Minecraft/Server Discussion / yo rusty woodland mansions?
« Last post by lordalexander666 on October 29, 2016, 11:06:47 am »
is there woodland mansions on the server, or nah?
Minecraft/Server Discussion / World Reset!
« Last post by rustyshakelford2 on July 02, 2016, 09:39:43 pm »
Exciting news! We are going to do a world reset soon. As always rusty will be able to copy buildings to the new world for you (within reason).
To have your home saved, add it to this list:
Minecraft/Server Discussion / Re: The PvP server planning thread.
« Last post by rustyshakelford2 on July 11, 2015, 07:22:29 pm »
I like the bubble idea, though i'm not sure how possible that is. As a fallback plan we could have a stealth challenge you have to beat to unlock sensing other players. It will definitely need to be disabled in spawn regions. The spam would be intense.
Minecraft/Server Discussion / Re: The PvP server planning thread.
« Last post by Satsuki on July 11, 2015, 06:59:42 pm »
That's an excellent idea! HOWEVER, I suggest it would require a certain skill level of Perception or whatever to know when a player has entered a certain bubble surrounding you, which can be passed through with a high enough Sneaking/Stealth skill.
(Oh man, I'm getting excited. This doesn't often happen when discussing ideas.)
In order for that to be a thing, I send in another suggestion of a mod that introduces stealth-related skills. The bubble size is dictated by the Perception skill. On top of the size, the potency or how easily one can observe another player's presence is also dictated by the skill level. This bubble can be bypassed by having a higher Sneaking/Stealth skill.
The close-quarters speaking is about the same size as the default bubble in my idea, so setting up the parameters should be as easy as copy-n'-paste...but then again, this IS Minecraft we're talking about. Who knows what Mojang's gon' do to coding this time.

Anyway...the only problem I personally see with this is it'd be annoying to constantly see notifications of another player's presence if it's obvious or in a highly populated area. For which, I propose a script or something of the sort to block out such notifications at the spawn, other highly populated areas, or manually if that's possible (like in a menu or via command).
Minecraft/Server Discussion / Re: The PvP server planning thread.
« Last post by rustyshakelford2 on July 11, 2015, 06:21:54 pm »
In response to gage - the distance dictated messaging is definitely possible, i've seen plugins that do it. I think that's a great idea if we also have the option to send things to global chat. Maybe we can use the party system in mcmmo. Should it also alert you when someone is in the same vicinity as you?
The hit list plugin may be something I'll need to have custom coded, but i like the idea. Maybe we can have it work like the mental state system in GTA Online. If you're a higher level player and do more killing people will get more of a reward for killing you. Not exactly a specific hitlist, but there will be high value targets to go after (yojimbo).
The player lead villages is cool but that's getting into factions/towny territory, which is something i've always tried to avoid.
Minecraft/Server Discussion / Re: The PvP server planning thread.
« Last post by rustyshakelford2 on July 11, 2015, 06:14:21 pm »
Ideas from Gage:

#1: a hitlist plugin in conjunction with a proper person-to-person messaging system. Get the contract, hunt the person, kill the target, turn in the head to the contractor for the given reward, and the misc. spoils go to the victor.

ALTERNATIVELY, the target in question could kill him-/her- self and give their head to the contractee by means of striking a deal however way they wish. Of course this means the contractee could dishonor that deal like a fat man disrespects his toilet, so it would be a gamble entirely. Other alternatives to the deals' completions are left up to other people for the sake of keeping things fresh.

Of course, there would have to be some sort of system implemented that would ensure the trading of the head in exchange for X would have to go without a hitch, because a botched trade is just shitty in the end...but that's for a different suggestion.

#2: Player-led Villages

I've been thinking on the hitlist thing. If we're to implement that, it would be too easy and too uninteresting to fight in a one-on-one. So I propose, as per the title, player-led villages. Players start off with their main objective being to save up for a village of their own, with each village starting off at around the same size as a normal NPC village which the player then builds upon it him-/her- self. In these villages, players will be guarded by their villages' guards. Anyone who comes close enough, the guards attack. The only way a player can enter the village is by the owner's invitation. (Work with that however you wish.) Alternatively to this idea, a player can employ another player to act as a guard who can walk in and out freely. This employee can also be a hitman/assassin/whatever, so choose wisely.

In order for this to work properly, there needs to be a vast world, and the spawn and friendly PVP arena would be dead in the center.

Suggestion #3: Distance-dictated messaging
It'd be a pain to have the whole server knowing what you're saying to whom regardless of distance. That's why we should have an option to manually broadcast to the whole server. It'd go something like this...
"/b Hey guys! Who killed whom?" If the /b isn't there, for example, only people in a set distance from you can hear you. The closer you are, the more deciphered your text becomes, with the further being illegible and the closer being fully legible.
Minecraft/Server Discussion / Re: The PvP server planning thread.
« Last post by rustyshakelford2 on July 09, 2015, 01:53:08 pm »
Some ideas from warp:

Make the planet extremely sparse in resources (at least food and survival based things).

Water is a luxury but ofc it is extremely important to get a hold of.

Maybe implement something which gives the players so so many points so so often allowing them to ship in certain resource packages.  Make the world air lethal if you're not wearing a helmet of sorts ( I know as server managed to make the air lethal somehow, not sure how).

Players would sign up for different factions and are given a... set block grid to create their first building and hq for free, let's say 10x10 (just example) where they can add what they want (no resources or food, but beds and such)
Minecraft/Server Discussion / Re: The PvP server planning thread.
« Last post by rustyshakelford2 on July 09, 2015, 01:52:10 pm »
Rusty's todo list:
less skellies on creeperstorm challenge
fix respawn on creeperstorm challenge
disable hunger in challenge worlds
butcher mobs on death respawn
keep inventory true in challenge worlds
fix multiinv world links
swap shakelford valley and creeper storm challenge order
/home /spawn cooldowns
Minecraft/Server Discussion / The PvP server planning thread.
« Last post by rustyshakelford2 on July 09, 2015, 01:51:22 pm »
We are planning on launching a PvP server when 1.9 comes out. It will be borrowing a lot of ideas from my old mobquest challenges. Basically you'll fight through a handful of mob arenas to gain access to the PvP world. Resources there are sparse and we'll do some kind of custom world that makes it more of a challenging wasteland. You'll be able to complete additional mob challenges to earn resources, as well as fight random stronger mobs that spawn throughout the world.

In this thread feel free to share your ideas or concerns about the server. I'll also be using it to figure things out and keep my server todo list.
Minecraft/Server Discussion / Oink
« Last post by Hybrid_Milk on February 10, 2015, 06:28:15 pm »
I'll be on soon enough. Been busy lately
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